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Mesaj icon Konu: How to recover iphone deleted contacts no backbup Yanıt Yaz Yeni Konu Gönder & Sent New Topic
Yazar Mesaj
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Kayıt Tarihi: 05-Eylül-2013
Gönderilenler: 141

Alıntı channethan Cevaplabullet Konu: How to recover iphone deleted contacts no backbup
    Gönderim Zamanı: 11-Ekim-2014 Saat 20:01

1. How can I recover my contacts which got deleted when i pressed the restart button on safe mode? I haven`t got backup on iTunes or iCloud.. Asked by: mri812

2. Lost iphone 4S contact (EXTREMELY URGENT)?
Someone erased my iphone 4S memory through icloud (from another phone) and now my iphone wants me to reset everything (language etc.) like a new iphone. I just want to recover my contact list (number address) but the problem is I have never save a backup anywhere before (not even on my computer). Is there something like a automatic backup inside my phone or something like that? Can anyone PLEASE help? - Zenus

3. I synced my iphone to itunes the other day and yesterday all contacts deleted themselves, How do i recover, Do i just resync iphone. I have never used icloud so i doubt my contacts will be backed up there - Richard

If you lost your iPhone contacts and without any backup, you can try to directly recover them from iPhone with iPhone Contacts Recovery. FoneLab and Mac FoneLab provide Apple device users the perfect solution to restore deleted contacts from iPhone without any files loss. It guarantees you the safe way to get back deleted iPhone contacts completely.

Step by step to recover deleted iPhone contacts without backup.

Step 1: Connect iPhone to your computer.
When you download, install the FoneLab, then connect your iPhone to computer and run the Fonelab, the iPhone Contacts Recovery will detect your iPhone automatically, on the interface provides three recovery mode, choose the "Recover from iOS Device"

Note: For iPhone 4 and iPhone 3GS users, just operate as you are told on the interface to enter the scan mode to begin scanning iPhone contacts.

Step 2: Scan your iPhone
Just click the "Start San" button, the FoneLab will scan your iPhone.

Step 3: Preview and recover deleted iPhone contacts
After the scan, it will list your deleted contacts in detail. Click the "Contacts" category in the left, Mark those you want and click "Recover", you can save them on your computer with one click.

Plus, if you want to transfer the .vcf and .csv(contacts file format) to iPhone, you need another tool: TunesGo, you can check it.

Tags: Recover iPhone deleted contacts, iPhone contacts deleted no backup, recover deleted contacts from iPhone without backup

chann ethan
Yeni Üye
Yeni Üye

Kayıt Tarihi: 02-Aralık-2014
Gönderilenler: 4

Alıntı Fanber1 Cevaplabullet Gönderim Zamanı: 02-Aralık-2014 Saat 18:27
If you have a backup, then there is very easy to recover the contacts, use the iTunes directly to get the contacts back.

If no backup, don't worry, contacts in iPhone is like data in computer, so you can try to get the contacts back from iPhone memory while you don't make backup in iTunes. Some third party apps can help you. You should have a try. Step to restore iPhone contacts
Step to recover data from dead iPhone
Step to recover deleted videos from iPhone

Hope this can help you.
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Yeni Üye

Kayıt Tarihi: 29-Ocak-2015
Gönderilenler: 4

Alıntı jinmera1 Cevaplabullet Gönderim Zamanı: 29-Ocak-2015 Saat 04:25
Usually, iTunes will automatically backup your iPhone when you sync with iTunes. If you have the backup, then how to recover iPhone deleted contacts will be easily:

Here are the steps:
Click the "File" menu and select "Devices" > "Restore from Back up".
Open the iOS device's "Summary" tab. There are two ways to access this:
Click the device button in the upper right corner. (If viewing the iTunes Store, click the Library button in the upper right corner. The device button will then be visible.)
From any view in iTunes, click the "View" menu and select "Show Sidebar". Select your iOS device in iTunes under "Devices:.
Click the "Restore Backup" button.

Learn more:
how to recover call history on iPhone
how to retrieve deleted iMessages on iPhone 5
Yeni Üye
Yeni Üye

Kayıt Tarihi: 01-Mart-2015
Gönderilenler: 10

Alıntı Elisally25 Cevaplabullet Gönderim Zamanı: 02-Mart-2015 Saat 14:33
Accidentally deleted your messages on your iPhone? And also forgot to make a backup before? OMG, it just like me. I'm kinda lazy and always forget to save my data on my computer.
How to Recover Deleted iPhone iPad iPod Data
How to Recover Lost Photos from iPhone
Usually I just keep them in my iPhone, but one day, something wrong with my phone, I just touched "Home". And then suddenly my messages are deleted automatically. what a bummer! I think I need tools to manage my data.
How to Recover iPhone Notes
Actually, I tried some softwares, and I think iPhone Recovery is suitable for iPhone users. Cozy you only need simple clicks to restore your data. And it not only recover your messages but pictures, videos, notes, contacts, call history, apps, etc. Basically you can retrieve everything on your iPhone.
you may need:
How to Recover Data from Jailbreak iPhone
How to View iPhone Messages on computer
Yeni Üye
Yeni Üye

Kayıt Tarihi: 09-Nisan-2015
Konum: Trabzon
Gönderilenler: 32

Alıntı BrownJason Cevaplabullet Gönderim Zamanı: 19-Mayıs-2015 Saat 06:07
What have you done to that iPhone after losing your needed data there? in fact, from my understanding, there are often two ways to restore data from iPhone/iPad/iPod:

1).Directly copy all needed phone stuffs back from backups.
When you do have prepared phone backups on other drives or online storage, you can directly copy them all back.

2).Directly rescue all lost or deleted stuffs back from the phone memory card with data recovery software.
If you do have saved everything well on the phone memory card in advance, you can immediately try some data recovery programs to go on. There are many similar data recovery software that can deeply scan your card and rescue your preferred card stuffs back.
Yeni Üye
Yeni Üye

Kayıt Tarihi: 15-Aralık-2015
Gönderilenler: 2

Alıntı CocoAustin Cevaplabullet Gönderim Zamanı: 15-Aralık-2015 Saat 09:18
Deleted contacts on iPhone by mistake? Do not worry, you can recover them now. The tool you need is iPhone Data Recovery, which provides three ways to restore the contacts.
1. Recover deleted contacts from iPhone directly
2. Recover contacts from iTunes backup files
3. Restore contacts from iCloud backup files
Therefore , even you did not made backup before, you can recover your contacts.
Here is the guide:
How to recover iPhone contacts
Yeni Üye
Yeni Üye

Kayıt Tarihi: 05-Ocak-2016
Gönderilenler: 2

Alıntı JoeRocky Cevaplabullet Gönderim Zamanı: 11-Ocak-2016 Saat 10:32
Everyone has accidently deleted the contact numbers of a friend or a colleague while trying to adding a new contact. And iOS 8 deleted contacts is a big bug right now. There can be disastrous effects if we heavily reply on those contacts.

Be relaxed. That doesn't mean that your important contacts have gone forever. Fortunately, you are able to recover deleted contacts from iPhone by using a third-party application. FonePaw iPhone Data Recovery enables you to extract unreadable iPhone backup file and also recover deleted iPhone contacts for Mac no matter for what reasons your iPhone contacts were lost. It also enbales you to recover contats from stolen/broken iPhone. This iPhone contact recovery tool supports iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus , iPhone 5s/5c/5/4S/4, which are on iOS 8, iOS 7. And the Mac version can recover deleted, lost iPhone contacts on Mac, such as recover contacts from iPhone 5 on Mac, as well as work for all other iPhone.
Yeni Üye
Yeni Üye

Kayıt Tarihi: 07-Mart-2016
Gönderilenler: 6

Alıntı smithmore Cevaplabullet Gönderim Zamanı: 17-Mart-2016 Saat 15:10
If you delete your contacts from your iPhone, you can easily get back them using iPhone data recovery. It can scan your iPhone and find the deleted contacts in your iPhone. You can easily recover deleted contacts from iPhone. You can also use this software to retrieve deleted text messages on iPhone, notes, photos, videos, call history and other data from iPhone easily.
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