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Mesaj icon Konu: Handicap in hockey: analysis of strategies Yanıt Yaz Yeni Konu Gönder & Sent New Topic
Yazar Mesaj
Yeni Üye
Yeni Üye

Kayıt Tarihi: 16-Şubat-2019
Gönderilenler: 8

Alıntı losa Cevaplabullet Konu: Handicap in hockey: analysis of strategies
    Gönderim Zamanı: 16-Şubat-2019 Saat 17:17
Handicap in hockey: analysis of strategies
Hockey is only slightly inferior to football in terms of the bets placed. As in the case of other team sports, a stable strategy helps to make a profit from betting on hockey matches.

Strategies for betting Pin-Up odds in hockey
Dynamics of the game, a lot of shots on goal, performance-these factors determine the odds+ and odds - in this sport as one of the most optimal.
For starters, as an introduction, we should understand what it means fora in hockey. It's the difference that one team takes over the other. In football, it is measured by goals scored, and here-abandoned washers. Under both types of odds have their own strategies: you can put a handicap 2, if the favorite is not in the best condition, and minus on the favorite team, if the opponent looks frankly weak.

Based on the several variations of betting odds:
in the match as a whole;
in each of the periods separately;
on statistical indicators (removal, shots on target).
What tournaments are better to choose
Bets on hockey require additional knowledge for bettor: both about the championship and about the upcoming match. Minor leagues are in the shadow of the popularity of the NHL and the KHL: interest in them below, which means the player a priori has not the best idea of the teams, the composition of the performers, the manner of playing on the court. To bet based only on statistics are dangerous – they are also sometimes fail.

Top European Championships are also suitable for analysis: Czech Republic, Sweden and Finland. Once a year, the world championship is held, and in view of the meetings of teams of different classes (where they can still play in the face-to-face match teams of Canada and South Korea), bets on odds have additional appeal.

Hockey favourites often win, and the odds of winning are slightly higher than in football. And if we are talking about the handicap (-1) - a safety net with the possibility of return, the quotation will necessarily be higher than two. It is a bet with a handicap on the favorite-the top strategy for hockey.

How to put odds on bets

It is desirable that the favorite team played on its ice. In hockey matches are played in two days on the third, and during the tour you need to travel long distances. If this is the end of the away series, the players of a strong team often look tired. In this case, it is better not to risk;
History of personal meetings. When the underdog team is an inconvenient opponent, it is better to ignore the match. If the favorite has a positive win/loss balance, the chances of trend prolongation are high;
Motivation, tournament significance. Factors initially secondary, but for a particular confrontation to have a key factor.
An example of successful application of the strategy
The first match of the 1/8 finals of the playoffs KHL Eastern conference. The first team of the regular season of AK bars starts a series of home game against the eighth team-Cupid. The difference in class and quality between the teams is huge, but the odds on the home win 1.64. On handicap -1 bookmakers give 1.90-rate promises a confident passage. The future owner of the Gagarin Cup won the match with the score 3: 0.
Yeni Üye
Yeni Üye

Kayıt Tarihi: 22-Şubat-2019
Konum: Ankara
Gönderilenler: 7

Alıntı osiya Cevaplabullet Gönderim Zamanı: 22-Şubat-2019 Saat 15:53

I love to make sports bets and have already heard about Pinap. I am going to make the next bet on this resource. By the way, as they say experienced lovers of sports betting, you must first be prepared for failure. Rarely begins to carry with the first rates. Basically, they win after the established strategy. Often, people give up on betting on thinking that they will constantly be unlucky in betting. But this is not so)) Be confident and everything will work out for you.
Yeni Üye
Yeni Üye

Kayıt Tarihi: 15-Mart-2019
Gönderilenler: 1

Alıntı Lara47 Cevaplabullet Gönderim Zamanı: 15-Mart-2019 Saat 19:16
Sports betting is certainly good, but personally it seems to me that there are a lot of risks here and you can both win and lose thanks of course that you have been told how to bet on hockey. This is all very useful. that you need to bet with not very big stakes, and then you can lose, and there, as lucky as you can, everything will work out and you can even earn money on it. My husband has a passion for football this strategy It is also suitable for this kind of sport in this kind of sport. I somehow understand it more so my husband and I have to constantly watch all the matches, and thank you so much for such good advice we will try to learn.
Yeni Üye
Yeni Üye

Kayıt Tarihi: 16-Mart-2019
Gönderilenler: 6

Alıntı Dubin Cevaplabullet Gönderim Zamanı: 16-Mart-2019 Saat 10:09
To bet based only on statistics are dangerous.
Yeni Üye
Yeni Üye

Kayıt Tarihi: 17-Mart-2019
Gönderilenler: 3

Alıntı karinda Cevaplabullet Gönderim Zamanı: 17-Mart-2019 Saat 13:54

I never make bets and never gamble. I feel sorry for my money. In such games it is not always possible to win and lose and it is unpleasant. To avoid these unpleasant moments it is better not to play at all)
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